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Coloured Terracotta Planters and Vases from Portugal

A wide variety of coloured terracotta planters and vases

For gardens, and also as decorative pieces for floristry displays, garden centres, offices, modern homes, character homes, interior design, conservatories, contemporary living spaces, etc.

Eileen now represents a Portuguese manufacturer with a large range of beautiful hand-thrown terracotta planters at excellent prices, lovingly made in Portugal, available for bulk purchases.
A vast variety of items, shapes, sizes, finishes and colours.
Special shapes and colours can be created to the customer's specifications. Available with traditional ceramic glaze, or cold-painted & varnished. All shapes are available in all colours and textures, glazed or varnished, matt or glossy.

Now, both cold-painted and glazed versions are available waterproofed and frost-resistant down to -10 degrees C. (GUARANTEED).
The minimum order quantity is only 1 palette.

Orders are despatched directly to you from Portugal.


1.  Coating
The pots can be glazed or varnished. Now, for the first time, both finishes are guaranteed 100% waterproof and frost-proof down to -10°C.
The cold-painted & varnished finish is about 30% cheaper, and the colours are often brighter.  However, the glazed finish will have the traditional pottery look. 
The items below are varnished, but could be supplied glazed.

2.  Texture and Finish
The Texture may be Smooth, Patina, Rustic or Chamotte. 
The Finish may be Rings, Stripes, Scratch or Dimples.
They can be combined.
Here are some examples:

(The above items are glazed, but could be supplied varnished.)

3.  Gloss / matt
The pots can be matt or glossy.  As an example, here is the Rock Black Basalt Collection. The Texture is Patina, and the items are shown in both matt and glossy versions.
Coloured terracotta planter

4.  Colours
This is a small selection of the available colours:
Coloured terracotta planter

5.  Item types
The following types of item are available:
Terracotta shapes

6.  Shape
It is impossible to include all of the shapes on 1 web page and, for the right quantities, you can always create your own shapes, but here are some examples:

a.  Pot shapes

Pail                                                                                Lipped Pail                     Taper                            Barrel
Coloured terracotta planterRustic red terracotta potColoured terracotta pot


 Coloured terracotta planters

b.  Vase shapes
         Alex                     Havana                  Jenny             Teardrop         Ampoule              
Coloured terracotta vase       Coloured terracotta vase  Coloured terracotta vase   Coloured terracotta vase  Coloured terracotta vase 
c.  Bottle shapes           
Shouldered, Epaulette, Gourde, Slope              Carafe, Small Carafe, Sloping Carafe  
Coloured terracotta planters                 Coloured terracotta planters

d.  Bowl shapes
Flare                                           Anneau                           Berliner                          Coussin

Coloured terracotta bowl   Coloured terracotta bowl     Coloured terracotta bowl Red terracotta bowl

e.  Plate shapes
Coupe                                                Flare
Coloured terracotta vases           Coloured terracotta vases

f Boat shapes   

Large High Boat, Medium High Boat, Little Boat

Ocean                                                                              Galactic

Coloured terracotta planters           Coloured terracotta pot

g. Bulb shapes

Bulb-shaped oloured terracotta vase

7.  Size

Pots are available in the following sizes (diameter x height): 14x14cm, 17x17cm, 20x20cm, 25x25cm, 30x30cm, 40x35xm, 55x45cm and 65x55cm.

Vases are available in the following sizes (diameter x height): 20x40cm, 20x50cm, 25x70cm, 30x90cm and 40x100cm.

Bottles are available in the following sizes (diameter x height): 20x40cm, 20x50cm, 25x70cm, 30x90cm and 40x100cm.

Bowls are available in the following sizes (diameter x height): 25x10cm, 30x12cm, 35x15xm, 45x20cm, 55x20cm and 65x25cm.

Plates are available in the following sizes (diameter x height): 40x10cm and 45x10cm.

Boats are available in the following sizes (height x length): High Boats 20x30cm and 25x40cm; Little Boats 8x40cm.

Bulbs are available in the following sizes (diameter x height): 20x30cm and 25x40cm.


You can make up your own collection, of course, but here are some great collections already created for you:

1. Juliet Collection (shown glazed, but could be supplied varnished)
l-r blue, celadon, green, pale orange, red  

Coloured terracotta vases  

2. Emily Collection (shown Glazed, but could be supplied Varnished)
These are Chamotte Stripes in Grey, Celadon and Dusky Pink, but could be supplied in other colours:

Coloured terracotta pots

3. Purple Haze Collection, Glazed:                              4. Aquamarine Collection, Glazed:
Coloured terracotta vases    Coloured terracotta vases

5. Ju Collection, Red Chamotte Finish, Varnished:     6. Blue Ocean Boat Collection, Glazed:
Coloured terracotta vases                                     Coloured terracotta vases

7. Purple Berry Collection, Varnished:                                          8. Shire Grey Collection, Glazed:     

Coloured terracotta pots             Coloured terracotta pots  

9. Galactic Grey Collection   10. Jessy Orange Bottle Collection, Glazed     11. Red Gourd Collection, Varnished
terracotta vases                   terracotta vases                       terracotta vases

You can create your own exclusive collection! Your own imagination is the only limit!


Each piece is individually wrapped in plastic, then boxed.

All pieces have 4 felt pads underneath, to protect furniture and flooring.

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