Ceramic colours - colours for ceramics, glass and metal

I represent several manufacturers of ceramic colours in Europe and in Asia.

For bulk quantities, I represent a manufacturer of high quality ceramic and glass colours in Asia. They have a full range of decoration colours for ceramics - glass enamels, onglaze colours (a choice of low metal-release colours and Pb-free colours; also 4-colour ceramic set), inglaze colours (separate ranges for earthenware and porcelain), underglaze colours, decoration colours for enamelware, body stains, glaze stains, as well as media (direct screenprinting medium, indirect / decal printing medium, thermoplastic medium, etc) and covercoats. Prices are competitive, quality is high and consistent, and orders are dispatched quickly from stock. Minimum total order quantity - 50kgs.

The Asian colours are not available via myself in the following countries: Asia including South East Asia, Belarus, Brazil, Iran, Italy, Pakistan, Portugal, Russia, UK, Ukraine.

For smaller quantities, I also represent a colour manufacturer in Italy and Germany - minimum order quantity normally 5kg per colour.

Please note that the exact shades shown in the charts will depend on the colour adjustment of your monitor (or printer), and they should therefore be taken as a guide only.

(In some markets, for bulk quantities, I also offer cadmium pigment suitable for colouring vitreous enamel, eg for red saucepans. Please contact me for details.)

Red saucepans


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