I have a massive collection of photographs of flowers (roses, poppies, daffodils, lilies, wildflowers, lots of long-stemmed flowers with white background, etc), fruit, vegetables and animals, suitable for printing as ceramic decals, some already designed as mugwraps, alphabets, etc. Many are also highly suitable as images for greeting cards. A small selection can be seen on this page. Many can be amended to suit your requirements.

Please contact me to discuss ideas, and for prices.

Also, my Meerkats, Cupcakes, multifloral and Poppy photos can be viewed on many Cafepress items, eg T-shirts, mugs, wall clocks, etc on these pages:

Poppy logo poppy bag poppy cushion poppy mug


You can also see my poppy designs on T-shirts, clocks, mugs, mouse mats, buttons, greeting cards, various giftware items, etc on Cafepress Eileen's Poppies.

Meerkats Shop


.... my meerkats on Cafepress Eileen's Meerkats

Meerkats Shop

Christmas Meerkats Xmas Meerkats on Cafepress Eileen's Xmas Meerkats

Cupcakes Shop

Tea-Cup-Cakes Tea-Cup-Cakes on Cafepress Eileen's Tea-Cup-Cakes

Cupcakes Shop

Cupcakes Cupcakes on Cafepress Eileen's Cupcakes

Polka Dots Cupcakes Shop

Polka Dots Cupcakes Polka Dot Cupcakes on Cafepress Eileen's Polka Dot Cupcakes

Cafepress Multiflorals Shop


....her Multiflorals on Cafepress Eileen's Multiflorals

Love Hearts Cupcakes Shop on Cafepress

Loveheart Cupcakes

....her Loveheart Cupcakes on Cafepress Eileen's Loveheart Cupcakes

Cafepress Shop - ducklings hitching a ride on a koi carp

Hitching a Ride

....her Hitching a Ride on Cafepress Hitching a Ride

Cafepress Shop - 3 gingerbread men

Gingerbread Men

....her Gingerbread Men on Cafepress Gingerbread Men

Cafepress Shop - ring-tailed lemur wishing you Bon Appétit

Bon Appétit

....her Bon Appétit on Cafepress Bon Appétit

Cafepress Shop - Meerkat portrait with Santa hat

Santa Meerkat

....her Santa Meerkat on Cafepress Santa Meerkat

Cafepress Shop - Teatime Cupcakes

Teatime Cupcakes

....her Teatime Cupcakes on Teatime Cupcakes

Cafepress Shop - Eileen's Edwardian Tiles

Edwardian Tiles

....her Cafepress Edwardian tiles on Edwardian tiles

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Canada Geese Mugwrap Clematis Magenta White Cupidone Blue Mug
Duckling Mug Duck Mandarin Rocester E Floral
Floral Heart Fox Rockery Mugwrap Gaillardia Mugwrap
Gerberas Mug Gerberas Mug Macaques Barbary Trentham Monkey Park Mugwrap
Poppy Red White Rhododendron Lilac Laburnum Mug Rose Red Lyme Park White
Roses Pink White Allium round Allium white
Fern with clear background

Contact details

logo You can contact me for details, prices, etc at:

Eileen Hallam Ltd
110 Weston Rd, Meir, Stoke-on-Trent
Staffordshire, ST3 6AL, United Kingdom
Tel: (from UK) 07788 546 441 / (from overseas) +44 7788 546 441
Skype: eileen.hallam
Company no: 08021336