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Berater für keramische Dekorationsmittel

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Keramische Dekormaschinen und -geräte, Druckgeräte, Öfen, usw

  • Heat-release decal-application machinery for flatware and hollowware - new or refurbished
  • Pad-printing machinery (direct screenprinting) - new or refurbished
  • Banding or lining machines - new or refurbished
  • Backstamping machines - new or refurbished
  • Digital ceramic transfer printers - see digital ceramic transfer printers
  • Screenprinting presses for printing waterslide transfers or reel-to-reel transfers - new or refurbished
  • Ceramic kilns, from small top-loaders to tunnel kilns - new or refurbished
  • Reel-to-reel heat-release decal-application systems - see Reel-to-reel heat-release transfers
  • Web printers - see Reel-to-reel heat-release transfers

Ceramic decorating machinery

ceramic kilns and glass lehrs

A wide range of new and refurbished decorating machinery - pad printing machines, backstamping machines, decal application machines. For more information on new and refurbished decorating machinery, please contact us.

Ceramic kilns

ceramic kilns and glass lehrs

A wide range of ceramic kilns (tunnel kilns, top-loaders,rotary kilns, fast-fire, etc) and glass lehrs. For more information on new and refurbished kilns of all sizes, please Kontakt.

Reel-to-reel heat-release transfer-application systems and printers

Ware decorated by reel-to-reel decals L-r bottles, candles, reel-to-reel application machinery

A range of machines for the automatic, accurate application of multi-colour decals to many flat, curved and cylindrical items, and on many substrates, not just ceramic ware, eg candles, glass bottles, ceramic tableware, glass tumblers, saucepans, tiles, mugs, stainless steel, bicycle frames, architectural glass, chopping boards, shower doors, beer tankards, spark plugs, etc. The web print production package comes complete with press, dryers, rewind units and finishing tables. For more details, see Reel-to-reel heat-release transfers, or contact us.

Digital Ceramic Printing Systems

digital ceramic printing system

Short-run decals - if you have a computer, are au fait with Photoshop, and require more than 20 A3 sheets per week of short-run decals, it could be cost-effective to purchase (or lease) a printing system. Please see digital ceramic transfer printers or contact us.

For more information on decorating machinery, printers, kilns, etc, contact us.